How To Determine A 360 Lace Wig Size

360 Wigs are at the height of their popularity and more and more girls are choosing wigs instead of hair extensions.360 wigs enable you to try any hairstyle that you want, without having to do anything to your natural tresses. That means that cutting and dyeing are no longer necessary to change up your look. Some girls like to have several 360 Lace Wig with different styles that can switch up.

What is great about 360 wigs is that the mesh material goes all around the perimeter of the piece which ensures a very realistic look no matter how you style it. Another feature of a 360 lace wig is that the hair can be parted however you please. Unlike a full lace wig, 360 Lace Frontal Wig are much more affordable while still giving you that seamless look. They’re incredibly easy to put on and once they’re attached properly, you don’t have to fear them coming off.

Adjusting a 360 Wig That’s Too Big
If the 360 wig feels too loose or it’s baggy at the back, that means it’s simply too big for your head. We don’t recommend using that kind of wig because it won’t look good once you install it. What you need to do is customize the wig first so that it fits snugly. This is done by cutting and re-sewing the lace. Here’s how:

Adjusting a 360 Wig That’s Too Small
When a 360 wig is too small, that’s a slightly bigger problem than it being too big. Unfortunately, there’s not much that you can do here.

The only possible way to solve this issue is by stretching the wig, but that is generally not recommended because it can damage the wig. That’s why buying the correct size in the first place is crucial.

How to Determine a 360 Wig Size?
As we have learned, it is the best to buy a 360 wig that fits you 100% than having to cut and customize it later. To do that, you first need to determine the wig size. Take a tape measure and place one end on the forehead and wrap it around your hairline. This is the circumference of your head and you need to write that measurement down.

Now, take the tape and measure from the middle of the forehead to the nape of the neck. Those two measurements are the key point in determining wig size. If ordering the wig online, check their size chart and compare it to your measurements. For example, a medium-sized wig is usually about 22 inches in circumference and about 15 inches front to back. If the online store does not have a size chart, ask them to provide you with the measurements for each size. When you have determined the 360 wig size, you can safely buy it knowing that it will fit like a glove and there will be no adjustments necessary.

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